Established June 24, 1762

159 Ferry Road  (Just west of Route 7)

802.425.3071  Phone
802.425.4713  Fax
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Town of Charlotte
P.O. BOX 119
Charlotte, Vermont 


Town Clerk & Treasurer: M-F 8-4   EXT. 201 

Planning & Zoning:  M-F 8-4   EXT. 207

Town Administrator:  M-F  8-4    EXT.  205

Lister:  M-F 10-2   EXT. 210

Recreation:  EXT. 204  

The Town of Charlotte, Vermont was chartered in 1762 and is situated in the fertile Champlain Valley with a series of hills and ridges overlooking the great Lake Champlain.  Charlotte, with its 3500 residents, hosts a large network of working farms and forests that are flourishing from the productive Champlain Valley soils.  Sugarbushes, orchards, dairies, berry farms, a winery, market gardens, livestock operations, honey houses, grain and community supported agriculture are just some of Charlotte's flourishing enterprises.  These lands also provide many of the vast scenic landscapes, community trails, Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge, and the famous Mt. Philo State Park — all halfway between Middlebury and Burlington, Vermont.

The town is home to the small and growing villages of East and West Charlotte with corner stores, library, Grange, and senior center.  Charlotte residents enjoy the buzz of farm activity and the quiet Vermont countryside as they also work hard to provide the best learning opportunities for their growing children, both in and out of the local schoolrooms.  As well, citizens join the many and diverse volunteer organizations that have sprouted up to enrich the community and small town government so cherished here in Vermont.

Charlotters are lovers of the land as they continuously work to protect and share their natural heritage with both neighbors and visitors on bike, foot, boat, rail or car who come to visit from neighboring towns of Burlington, Middlebury and even Essex, New York via the Lake Champlain Ferry.

The web site banner includes photos of the view from the top of Mount Philo (Peter Coleman), the Town Party on the Green (Nancy Wood), children at the Charlotte Beach (Bob Hyams), Raven Ridge and the view to the east from the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge (Jenny Cole), and the upper bridge over Lewis Creek (Louise Johnson).


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