Established June 24, 1762
Board of Auditors

Welcome to the Board of Auditors Homepage

Elected Town Auditors

3-Year Term Expires 2019    Peter Trono

3-Year Term Expires 2017    Jenny Cole

3-Year Term Expires 2018    Jason Pidgeon

The Board of Auditors meets as needed throughout the year. Agendas are posted on this website, at the Town Hall, the Old Brick Store and Spear's Corner Store.

Looking for information? 

  • To access the Annual Independent Audit Reports for the Town of Charlotte prior to 2013 and Charlotte Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services, please hover on the Auditor tab in the left menu, then click on Independent Audit Reports.
  • The information listed below is accessible by clicking on the title:

Town of Charlotte: Audited Financial Statements and Annual Auditor Reports
The Town of Charlotte hires an independent professional accounting firm to conduct the annual audit of the funds and financial activities of the town. The elected Town Auditors also review various town financial activities and the independent auditor's findings, and prepare a report. Posted here are annual reports of the elected auditors beginning in 2012, and audited financial statements prepared by the independent auditor beginning with fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. Prior Independent Auditor's reports can be found on a separate page (in main menu for Town website, hover over Auditors for a separate tab.)
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