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Grassland Birds

BobolinkGrassland birds are specialists, dependent on grassland habitats (hay fields, pastures, fallow fields, beaver meadows, and native prairies) to successfully feed, roost, and raise young. In Vermont, common grassland birds include the bobolink, meadowlark, savannah sparrow, and northern harrier(marsh hawk). Less common species include the upland sandpiper, grasshopper sparrow, sedge wren, horned lark, vesper sparrow, and short-eared owl.

First evolved in North American midwestern prairies, grassland birds have lost most of their original breeding habitat to row crops and urban development. Although the Northeast was historically forested, 19th century settlement and forest clearing created vast grasslands, and this allowed grassland birds to expand their breeding range into our area. This rich bird group now helps define the character of Vermont’s agricultural landscape. Unlike many other Vermont towns, much of Charlotte’s landscape remains unforested and undeveloped. This gives us a special opportunity to provide safe haven for grassland birds through bird-friendly management practices in our pastures, hayfields, and grassy residential areas.

Because tUpland Sandpiperhey have such specific habitat needs, grassland birds have developed complex behaviors, including extraordinary migrations (bobolinks migrate 6,200 miles between North and South America twice each year), and unusual mating systems (an individual male savannah sparrow can support multiple females on his territory).

Please download the brochure to read more about these fascinating birds, and how you can protect them on your property.

Download the brochure:

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