Established June 24, 1762

Mount Philo State Park

Williams Woods

Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge

This 290-acre property consists of active cropland with pastures, hay fields, old fields and meadows. There are approximately 2.25 miles of gravel trails winding through approximately 95 acres of agricultural lands with 24 acres of meadows for passive recreation. Thirteen acres of closed forest provides good woodland habitat and adds much interest. Approximately 1 mile of hiking trails traverse the diverse woodlands and wetlands and connect to the park's gravel trails. The highest elevation, at 428 feet, is located just west of Route 7 near Snowdrift Lane. The lowest point, at approximately 180 feet, is near the railroad overpass at the northwestern corner of the property at Greenbush Road. The park is designed to promote enjoyment of its natural and visual amenities. A network of trails is laid out for walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and some for equestrian use.

The following activities are prohibited in the park:
• Bringing pets, weapons or alcohol into the area
• Lighting fires
• Camping or remaining overnight
• Driving snowmobiles or wheeled vehicles of any kind into the park
• Riding horses on trails other than those designated for equestrian use
• Leaving litter in the area
• Disrupting, injuring or removing any native plants or animals
• Using radios or other sound equipment that creates noise

Enjoy nature in the the park, stay on trails, and be considerate of other users.

The Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge is open to public access year-round from 8 AM to ½ hour after sunset. Parking is available at the North Greenbush Rd. entrance.



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