Established June 24, 1762
Updated 8.16.17
The Recreation Department is pleased to offer afterschool piano lessons at Charlotte Central School beginning this fall for students in grades 2 or higher. Lessons will be taught by Julie Holmes on Tuesdays and Mary Beth Bowman will teach on Wednesdays afterschool. Those in the second, third, or fourth sessions CANNOT stay and wait for their lesson in the music room due to many reported distributions. It has become difficult for students in the earlier sessions to focus. Parents should find an alternative plan for their child before their lesson time starts. You must have access to a piano outside of your child's lesson time to practice.
Dates: Tuesday, September 5th – December 21st
Time blocks: (1) 2:00-2:45, (2) 2:45-3:30, (3) 3:30-4:15, (4) 4:15-5:00
Fees:    Group Lessons $204 ~ Semiprivate Lessons $312
Dates: Wednesday, September 6th  –  December 19th
Time blocks: (1) 3:00-3:45, (2) 3:45-4:30, (3) 4:30-5:15
Fees:    Group Lessons $204 ~ Semiprivate Lessons $312
Payment in full is due by Tuesday, September 5th
Lessons cost $17 each for the first two blocks of time and $26 for the second two blocks.  If students need to miss a lesson, there will be no make-ups. But if the instructor needs to miss a lesson due to an emergency, families will not be required to pay. In order to account for this possibility in advance, families will pay for 3 fewer lessons per semester (ie., 12/15 lessons for the fall @ $17 = $204 for the group lesson $312 for the semiprivate. This fee structure means that if no emergencies arise, families will get two free lessons per semester.
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