Established June 24, 1762
Trails Committee
Pease Mountain trail
Pease Mountain trail

We're in the process of building a multi-use trail that connects East and West Charlotte!


The Charlotte Town Link Trail, when complete, will be a seven mile long gravel path connecting the Charlotte town beach to the western village center, and then on to Mt. Philo.  So far, there are two sections completed, the Co-Housing and the Melissa and Trevor Mack sections.  You can access maps of these trails by clicking on the links below:




To find out more about this project, including maps of the trail's proposed route, click here.


In addition to the Town Link Trail, there are many other trails in town.




Trails Committee Mission


The Mission of the Trails Committee is to promote the creation and use of a system of public trails within the Town of Charlotte.


Our Goals within the Mission Statement are to:

*  Recommend to the Selectboard and Planning Commission the creation of a trail network for a variety of recreational uses.

*  Provide trail linkages to important public areas and publicly owned properties.

*  Minimize disturbance of sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat.

*  Through a variety of educational and other activities, promote the public’s understanding of the location, purpose and use policy of public trails.

*  Work with and educate landowners on the public and private benefits of a town trail network.

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