Established June 24, 1762
Community Clean-up Fund

For many years, Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) has allocated money to each of its member towns for a Community Clean-Up Fund. These funds are intended for projects involving the cleanup of solid waste at a location deemed beneficial to the community at large.

Grants may be used to pay for activities directly related to the clean-up of solid waste such as disposal fees, container rental, transportation, and labor. Funds may also be used for the prevention of future disposal at the site through proper placement of signage and containers. The municipality may choose to clean up sites located on either private (financial need must be proven) or public property.

Some examples of clean-up projects approved in previous years by town select boards and CSWD have included:
• Cleanup of illegal dumpsites (tires, appliances, general trash)
• Addition of signage and sorting containers in public areas to discourage littering
• Rental of containers for additional Green Up Day expenses (e.g. a zero-sort recycling dumpster for parallel collection of recycling)
• Demo and disposal of a foreclosed property

If you have an idea for a clean-up project, here is the process:
• Contact Abby Foulk, Fund Contact and Charlotte Representative to CSWD:
• Project proposals will be considered by the Fund Contact, the CSWD Enforcement Coordinator and the Charlotte Selectboard.

Thank you.

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