Established June 24, 1762
CVRA 3/4 Grade Game Rules

Rules For Third & Fourth Grade Basketball
1. Man-to-man defense only - No defense beyond the top of the key extended
2. Use 3-second rule (Refs may warn players before calling infraction)
3. Foul shots on shooting fouls only. Individual and team fouls are not kept.
Officials may take a player out of the game for too much fouling.
4. Scores are kept on scoreboard but erased after each quarter
5. Use 8½ foot baskets where available (C.K.S., Burlington, S. Burlington,
Charlotte & Williston) and 10 foot baskets where 8½ foot are not available
(Shelburne & Hinesburg). Shelburne and Hinesburg will play 8½ foot when
they play at gyms that have them.
6. Four 10-minute running time quarters
7. NO three pass rule in effect. Teams are allowed to fast break.
8. Players play equal amount of time with substitutions every 5 minutes.
Official will line up players at center court to ensure they are aware of manto-man
matchups. Coaches are allowed to substitute during stoppages in play
other than the 5 minute substitution time.
9. Games will be played with 28.5” ball (women size).

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