Established June 24, 1762
Shoreline Protection Act & Permitting

In addition to the shoreland protection, which the Town of Charlotte has established under its municipal Land Use Regulations within certain zoning districts (e.g. Shoreland, Shoreland Seasonal Home Management, and Conservation districts), the Vermont Department of Conservation (DEC) - Watershed Management Division administers a separate State of Vermont implementation of the 2014 Vermont Shoreline Protection Act (10 V.S.A Chapter 49A).  To prevent further degradation of water quality in lakes, to preserve habitat and natural stability of shorelines, and to maintain their corollary economic benefits, all properties within 250 feet of the mean water level of all lakes greater than 10-acres in size fall within the State's Protected Shoreland Area (PSA) and are subject to regulation for their development.  

To fill out an application for projects to occur within the State's designated shoreland area, please visit DEC's Shoreland Application Resources. For an overview of the Shoreland permitting procedure, and to view public notices for pending Shoreland permit applications, please visit DEC's Shoreland Permitting page.

Known pending Shoreland permitting applications for projects within the Town of Charlotte will also be posted on the Town's website under Planning & Zoning applications.

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