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Homestays & Short-Term Rental Units

Currently the Town of Charlotte does not have regulatory language within the Land Use Regulations that specifically addresses Homestays or Short-Term Rental Units (e.g. Airbnb,Vacation Rentals by Owner [VRBO], et al.).  However, there has been public comment submitted to the Planning Commission that may foster discussion related to the Regulations for their next update, which would take place no earlier than the next Town Meeting date (6 March 2018). 

Written public comments that have been received thus far are posted below.  Please feel free to mail or e-mail further comment to the Planning & Zoning office.

Attached Document or FileVermont Supreme Court Decision  In Re Toor & Toor Living Trust ~ 2011-2012
Attached Document or FilePublic Comment #1  Michael Wool (rec'd June 9, 2017)
Attached Document or FilePublic Comment #2  Rick & Darci Lunt (rec'd June 15, 2017)
Attached Document or FilePublic Comment #3  Robert Noeltner (rec'd June 16, 2017)
Attached Document or FilePublic Comment #4  Robert Macauley (rec'd July 1, 2017)
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