Established June 24, 1762
Request for Proposal - Town Hall Improvements
Town of Charlotte, VT
INVITATION / INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS ______________________________________________________________________________
DATE:                                          May 17, 2010
THE PROJECT:            Energy Efficiency Retrofit – Charlotte Town Hall
PROJECT TEAM:         Owner:   Town of Charlotte, VT
Contact: David Pill
We invite you to provide a written proposal for services and pricing to upgrade energy efficiency at Charlotte's Town Hall on Ferry Road. The main upgrades include adding an air barrier above the acoustical tile ceiling, weathersealing, and reinstalling knee-walls and the cathedral ceiling, blower door directed air sealing, and controls retro-commissioning.  These individual measures are detailed below as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) under Scope of Works.  We ask that you describe and itemize the individual ECMs as outlined on the proposal form at the end of this document.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE & TIME:  Friday, May 28th at noon.
RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: All proposals shall be received at the address or fax listed below, on or before the above prescribed time.
PROPOSALS:  All proposals shall be directed to Mary Mead, Town of Charlotte, PO Box 119, Charlotte, Vt.  Fax: 425-4241.
Faxed proposals will be accepted provided that a hard original copy of proposal is received with three (3) business days of proposal due date.  Hard copy proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside as "Proposal For Town of Charlotte Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project” and the envelope should bear on the outside the name and address of the proposing firm.  All proposals shall then be opened privately.
E-mail questions
Last day for submission of questions:  Friday 21, 2010 4 PM.
         The meeting is required for all firms submitting proposals will be held on Thursday, May 20 2010 from 8:00 to 9:00 AM at the Charlotte Town Offices 159 Ferry Road.
         Note: Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for firms submitting proposals for this work.            
        SITE INSPECTION:  Each firm submitting a proposal is responsible for inspecting the site and for reading and being thoroughly familiar with all the Scope of Work as outlined below.
PROPOSAL FORMS: All proposals should be submitted according to the PROPOSAL FORMAT below.  All line items and proposal prices must be filled in, in ink or typewritten, and the proposal form must be fully completed and executed when submitted.  All proposals shall be submitted to the above address on the date and time outlined in this proposal package.  Any proposal may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time of the proposal opening or authorized postponement thereof.  Any proposal received after the time and date specified shall not be considered.  No proposal may be withdrawn within 60 days after the actual date of the proposal opening or such longer period as may be contained in the Contract Documents.
Supplementary Information: Building plans, mechanical documents, Davis-Bacon Rates, and the energy audit available.
No building sections, wall sections or details area are available
PROPOSAL ACCEPTANCE: The Town of Charlotte reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any technical or legal deficiencies and to accept any proposal that they deem to be in the best interest of the project.
The Town of Charlotte has received an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) from the State of Vermont Department of Public Service which received the funds from the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The purpose of this grant is for energy efficiency retrofits (i.e., improvements) in the Town Offices building.  There will be a single representative from the Charlotte Energy Committee who will represent the Town and Energy Committee.
This project involves weatherization, selective lighting replacements, and retrocommissioning of the Charlotte Town Offices constructed in 1994.  Building Energy completed a comprehensive energy audit of the Town Hall.  Cx Associates and Vermont Energy Contracting performed an initial building retrocommissioning investigation.   Based on these investigations, the Charlotte Energy Committee has prioritized a number of areas for building energy efficiency improvements, which have reasonable payback.  These improvements can be divided into two main areas of opportunity to significantly reduce the energy use of the Charlotte Town Offices – Building Weatherization and lighting and HVAC Controls and Retro-commissioning.  We are soliciting proposals for delivery of a full package of improvements under a single primary contractor.  However, because the grant funding may constrain the final scope of the project, each Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) should be priced separately.  If there are any limitations on the measures of the proposed package, those should be clearly delineated in the Response Form.
ECM 1:  Above Ceiling Air Barrier – There is substantial heat loss through the ceiling and roof of the Town Hall due to the lack of an air barrier.  ECM 1 includes the installation of a continuous air barrier above the lay in ceiling.  Proposal shall include gaining access to the above ceiling area and installing a complete air barrier including sealing of all gaps, joints, penetrations etc.  Proposals shall describe air barrier approach, materials, proposed approach for gaining access in active office areas, and expected longevity for the proposed air barrier construction.
ECM 2:  Insulation - The meeting room knee-wall fiberglass insulation is insufficient, leading to excessive heat loss.  Proposal shall describe the method for re-insulation of knee wall area and include the proposed method of access, proposed insulation material, application approach, how knee-wall area will be accessed and approach for verifying integrity and effectiveness of installed insulation.
ECM 3:  Windows and doors – Proposal shall use blower door directed air sealing and testing.  It should specify high quality, commercial grade weather stripping on all window frames, jambs and door frames and include the rated measure life of materials.
ECM 4:  Lighting - Retrofit existing exit lights with UL approved LED exit light retrofit packages.  Replace existing T-12 lamps and ballasts with high performance T-8 lamps with instant start ballasts.  Proposals shall include appropriate handling and disposal of mercury containing lamps and existing ballasts.  Lamp color temperature shall match existing lamps in building.  Lamps and ballasts shall be eligible for Efficiency Vermont rebates.
ECM 5:  HVAC Controls – The scope of work for this ECM shall be described for each sub letter.  Proposal shall include description of work included in each section.  Where exact scope is not known provide basis for estimate and describe proposed scope.  Final cost of this ECM will be determined after ECM 5b is complete.  Proposals for this ECM will be evaluated based on approach, demonstrated understanding of controls, and value.
ECM 5a:  Develop a detailed schematic wiring diagram of building HVAC controls for Energy Kinetics System 2000 – schematic diagram shall include all control devices, describe their function and identify all control interlocks. Develop a sequence of operation of the existing controls.

ECM5b:  Develop a control improvement plan – objectives of changes to the controls include – comfort, acceptance by regular building users, simplifying after hours controls for periodic building users, increasing energy efficiency, and improving maintainability.  Plan shall include actual installed pricing of each proposed upgrade.

ECM 5c:  Meet with representatives of Town to discuss control improvement plan and finalize scope of work for control upgrades.  Install selected improvements, provide an updated schematic controls wiring and sequence of operation.  

ECM 5d:  Perform Test and Balance of HVAC system.

ECM 5e:  Commission the improvements using a separate party to verify performance.  Installation contractor and commissioning agent shall provide one hour of training to building occupants and maintenance contractor.
ECM 6:  Windows – provide a unit price for window replacement with a fiberglass frame, low-e, argon filled, triple glazed window to match existing.  Unit price shall be inclusive of all materials and labor required for replacement of a single window.  Discounts for increased volume of windows may be indicated on the proposal form.
Requirements applicable to all ECMs:
Proposers are responsible for replacing any broken or damaged ceiling tiles, light fixtures, diffusers or ceiling grid with matching in kind materials at no additional cost.  Any damage to existing finishes shall be repaired to match existing.  All finish work shall be of high quality and paint where required shall match existing colors.  Blower door testing shall be performed upon completion of the building envelop ECMs to demonstrate quality and effectiveness of the installation.  Proposals shall include all costs associated with the project including waste separation, recycling and appropriate safe disposal. A plan for waste management including waste stream identification, estimated quantity, dispositions, and handling and site management must be prepare before the project generates any waste and before project installation begins. The plan shall give give priority to waste minimization, recycling, and reuse.

Proposer Qualifications: 
Experience with energy efficiency and blower door testing
ECM 5 – experience with Energy Kinetics System 2000, small commercial central air conditioning
Demonstrated capability managing other contractors
Familiarity with Davis-Bacon Act
TIME: The subcontractor has carefully reviewed the project schedule below and agrees to commit required labor and equipment resources necessary to adhere to this schedule.  If a subcontractor delays the project and causes the project to be completed late, the subcontractor will be assessed all charges associated with the late completion.  In the event of delays, including those attributable to natural conditions, this subcontractor shall make every effort including, but not limited to, working weekends, adding additional shifts, and increasing crew size to make up time lost due to delay.  Failure to do so shall constitute breach of this contract. The charges associated with the delay will be deducted from their requisition.  Punch list must be completed within ten (10) calendar days of issuance unless noted otherwise.
MATERIAL DELIVERIES: It is mutually understood that scheduling of deliveries must be coordinated on site with the Town of Charlotte.  Scheduling of deliveries and all material handling is the responsibility of this subcontractor and shall be coordinated in advance with the Town’s Representative.

Charlotte Town Hall Work Tasks
Controls Investigation and Documentation
June 2010
June – Aug 2010
Controls Optimization Plan
June – Aug 2010
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing
August 2010
Implement Control Upgrade
August 2010
Sept 2010
User Training
Sept 2010

Alternate Schedules: Proposals of alternative schedules to reduce the cost of the project will be considered.  If proposing an alternate schedule, please address each of the tasks outlined above.  In order to receive grant funding the project must be completed no later than June 1, 2011.

DAVIS-BACON ACT: The proposal must be Davis-Bacon compliant.  Contractors and subcontractors must pay laborers and mechanics employed directly upon the site of work at least the locally prevailing wages (including fringe benefits) listed in the Davis-Bacon wage determination for the work performed.  Davis-Bacon labor standards clauses must be included in covered contracts. 
THE CONTRACT:  The Contract will be a direct contract between the Town of Charlotte, VT and the successful primary contractor. The successful primary contractor will be required to execute said contract without exclusions or revisions, within one week of issuance thereof.
THE CONTRACT AWARD:  Proposal awards will be based on timeliness, ability to adhere to the schedule, cost of the work, and the primary contractor's ability to perform the work in a professional manner.
LAWS AND REGULATIONS: The subcontractor shall adhere to all applicable laws, ordinances and the rules and regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over construction of the project throughout the duration of their contract including but not limited to equal employment opportunity, minority business enterprise, disadvantaged business enterprise and affirmative action as they apply.The subcontractor hereby agrees to comply fully with the construction safety provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 as amended and any comparable federal and state laws, and any other specific safety programs instituted for this project.  The subcontractor shall have a competent person knowledgeable in the safety rules applicable to the work on-site at all times that work is being performed.
SUB-SUBCONTRACTORS: Subcontractors shall not have the right to sublet, transfer, or assign this subcontract or any part thereof without prior written consent of the Town of Charlotte, VT and such consent shall not relieve the subcontractor of any liability or responsibility hereunder. Subcontractors shall insure that all provisions of the Contract Documents are included in their contracts with sub-subcontractors, vendors, etc.
WORK STOPPAGE: The subcontractor agrees that where their work is stopped or delayed or interfered with by slow-downs or work interruptions resulting from the acts or failure to act of the employees of the subcontractor in concert, then the Town of Charlotte at their option, may terminate this subcontractor and proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Subcontract.

EXPENSES:  Proposals shall be inclusive of all expenses including but not limited to copying, travel, mileage, expense categories listed below and throughout this proposal.
STORAGE AND UNLOADING: Firms submitting proposals installing material shall include in their price the cost of unloading, storing and procuring the delivery of such material.  Subcontractors will     be allowed a maximum of two trailers to be located on or near the site. The primary contractor shall be responsible for relocating his trailer and materials as needed and directed by the Town of Charlotte.  This shall be done at no additional cost to the Owner.  The cost of off site storage if required shall be included in the base proposal.
TRANSPORTATION AND TAXES: Price quoted shall include all transportation charges, taxes (see the next paragraph), permits (excluding building permit) insurance, and rubbish disposal fees (unless noted otherwise), as required to complete scope of work described in this proposal package.
Sales and Compensating Use Tax of the State of Vermont and of the cities and the counties will not apply to purchases and sales of materials and supplies. These taxes are not to be included in proposals.  This exemption does not however apply to tools, machinery, equipment and other property leased by or to the subcontractor, or to materials and supplies of a kind which will not be incorporated into the completed project. The subcontractor shall be responsible for and pay any and all such taxes on leased tools, machinery, equipment, property and unincorporated materials and supplies.
UNIT PRICING: Unit prices requested on the proposal form are to include all costs associated with this proposal item including but not limited to labor, materials, equipment, trucking, supervision, overhead and profit.
CHANGE ORDERS: In pricing change orders, a maximum of [10%] shall be allowed for overhead and profit on work done by subcontractor.
AUDITS:  The owner retains the right to audit subcontractors.
WORKING HOURS: As the Town Hall is currently in use, allowable working hours and approach for dealing with occupied spaces shall be coordinated with the Town Clerk and the Project Manager representing the Town. 
REPAIR WORK: It is understood by all firms submitting proposals that some limited warranty/repair work is customary and normal in a job of this type.  These costs are considered to be part of normal construction and therefore, shall be included in each firms submitting proposals base proposal. Damage above and beyond the norm will be handled by insurance, change order or other means.
PROGRESS CLEAN-UP:  The primary contractor and any sub-contractors shall be responsible for their own daily clean-up and disposal of debris from their area of construction, storage and lay down areas, office and storage trailer areas and break areas.  If this is not done, the Town of Charlotte may at their option do the clean up and deduct all costs associated with clean up from the prime contractor.
INSURANCE: Prior to commencing work, the Town of Charlotte must be in receipt of a fully executed Contract Agreement and an Insurance Certificate indicating coverage’s are in place as required by the Contract Documents, including, but not limited to, naming the Town of Charlotte, VT as additional insured on the liability policy.  Specific limits of coverage are required:
1)     Umbrella Liability Insurance subject to a limit of at least $1 Million.
2)     Worker’s Compensation providing statutory coverage in the State of Vermont; employer’s liability insurance subject to a limit of at least $500,000 per accident, $500,000 per employee per disease and $500,000 per policy limit per disease.   

WARRANTIES: All work shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year, beginning at the date of substantial completion of the project.
SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Subcontractors, sub-trades and suppliers shall provide their own safety equipment and aproposale by the guidelines set forth with all local, state and federal regulations.  All employees, sub-subcontractors, vendors, etc. will wear shirts and proper construction clothing at all times while on the site.
RADIOS: No radios, tape players, CD players, scanners or other personal electronic equipment is allowed on the project without specific written permission from the Owner.
SCHEDULE OF VALUES: All paysheets shall be submitted weekly. The contractor is required to submit certified payrolls on a DOL form – OMB No. 1215-0149, Expires 12/31/2011.  After receipt of the subcontract, the subcontractor shall submit within seven (7) days a schedule of values breaking down the proposal into sufficient categories to enable prompt processing of the requisitions to The Town of Charlotte.  The subcontractor shall make corrections as required in approving this schedule of values.
RETAINAGE: Retainage on the project will be [10%] up to completion of this project, but may be reduced under the provisions as contained in the following section.            
PAYMENT REQUISITIONS: Using the approved schedule of values as a basis, the subcontractor shall submit certified weekly wage sheets to the Town of Charlotte for work performed.  Within 7 days after receipt, payment will be made, less [10%] retainage.  If the subcontractor's payment requisition is found in error or does not contain the supportive documentation required, then the subcontractor will be notified and payment will be delayed until proper submission is returned.
            AUDITS: The owner retains the right to audit contractors.
LOCAL WORKFORCE: The Town of Charlotte encourages hiring from the local work force and purchasing from local vendors whenever possible.
SMOKING: Smoking will be restricted to designated areas on site. Violation of this policy will be addressed first, by a written warning and finally by dismissal from the project for a period of 24 hours.


PROPOSAL DUE:      by noon on May 28
TO:              attn:
            Town of Charlotte, VT
            159 Ferry Road
P.O. Box 119
                        Charlotte, VT 05445
RE:              Energy Efficiency Retrofit – Charlotte Town Hall
Primary Contractor Submitting Proposal:
Address of Primary Contractor:
ECMs that will be installed by the Primary Contractor
Additional Contractor Information: list all firms associated with delivering the work outlined in the proposal and indicate their role and ECMs

            1.      Firm Name

Firm Address

Role and ECMs for which firm will provide services and services to be provided:

2.      Firm Name

Firm Address

Role and ECMs for which firm will provide services and services to be provided:

3.      Firm Name

Firm Address

Role and ECMs for which firm will provide services and services to be provided:
Having examined the Contract Documents including availability of materials and labor, hereby proposes to furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment, fuel, machinery, equipment rental, transportation, supervision, safety appliances, required licenses and any other miscellaneous items necessary to perform all work called for in this Proposal Package and to perform all operations necessary to execute and complete such work in a professional and workmanlike manner in strict accordance with the requirements called for in the Proposal Package for the base proposal.
Primary Contractor Submitting Proposal acknowledges the receipt of the following addenda and question responses: ______    _______   _______
Describe proposed approach and price for each ECM listed below, include breakdown of labor and materials by ECM.
ECM 1 – Above Ceiling Air Barrier:
Proposed Approach and Scope:
ECM 1: Labor:

ECM 1:  Materials:

ECM 1:  Total Cost
ECM 2- Insulation
Proposed Approach and Scope:
ECM 2:  Insulation
Proposed Approach and Scope:

ECM 2:Labor:
ECM 2:  Materials

ECM 2:  Total Cost

ECM 3 – Air Sealing
Proposed Approach and Scope:
ECM 3: Labor:

ECM 3:  Materials:

ECM 3:  Total Cost:

ECM 4 -  Lighting
Proposed Approach and Scope:
ECM : Labor:

ECM :  Materials

ECM :  Total Cost

ECM 5 – HVAC Controls
Proposed Approach and Scope:
ECM 5a – Investigate and document controls:

ECM 5a: Labor:

ECM 5a:  Materials:

ECM 5a:  Total Cost:
ECM5b – Control Improvement Plan, Estimated total cost and basis

ECM5c – Control Improvements, Estimated total cost and basis:

ECM5d – Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Air and Water Systems

ECM 5d: Labor:

ECM 5d:  Materials:

ECM 5d:  Total Cost:

ECM 5e - Commissioning

ECM 5e:  Total Cost
NOTE:  Suggested Alternates will be accepted on a separate sheet.
Unit prices as described under scope of work (price includes overhead & profit): NONE.
ECM6 – Windows – unit price

ECM 6: Labor

ECM 6:  Materials

ECM 6:  Total Cost
Hourly rates associated with completion of tasks for ECM 5
QUALIFICATIONS: provide evidence of qualifications of each contractor and at least two references in a separate document.
1.      LABOR RATES: Complete and attach to the proposal form labor rates THESE RATES WILL BE USED TO CALCULATE COSTS FOR ANY EXTRA WORK PERFORMED. These rates must be Davis Bacon compliant.
2.      MAN HOURS: Complete and attach to the proposal form anticipated site man-hours.
3.      SCHEDULE OF VALUES: Attach to the proposal form a complete schedule of values.
4.      QUANTITIES: Attach to proposal form quantity takeoff for items provided in your estimate for as much as is practical.
Respectfully submitted on this ____________ day of __________________, 2008
PHONE NO:________________________                                    
FAX NO:___________________________

Davis Bacon Wage rates - Chittenden County
The proposal and pricing must be Davis Bacon compliant and include the wages set for Chittenden County.
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